We offer cost-effective travel solutions to the public.


Offering a convenient, comfortable and cost-effective travel solution to passengers, Juba Sky Bus is recognised as the best choice for travelling between Juba To Nairobi. We operate express Transit services from Juba South Sudan, to Nairobi Kenya. Juba Sky Bus is a transportation company that passengers can rely on. We’re rated an 8 or 9 out 10 for overall satisfaction. With continued investment in our customer experience, Juba sky bus offers free on-board WI-FI.

Our vision for the future

We are passionate about the experience we deliver to our clients.

Our vision is to maintain a strong market presence and continue to offer the local clientele individualised, quality, enjoyable and educational services that are self sustaining and cost effective. We will maintain and support the local workforce in further training and development opportunities, remain and build on a strong financial base and maintain and update current plant and equipment as required.