Training Institute

A training organisation for people looking to gain experience or professional development.


A Training organisation established by David Manyok for people looking to gain experience or professional development. 

Juba 5-star training institute will remain always committed to providing the highest quality training and assessment services designed to meet needs of candidates and industry within a framework that ensures compliance with the national standards and relevant legislation.

Key to success

Juba 5 star Training Institute’s will be following successful Strategies and business model to ensure quality Training, Job Placement Opportunity and profitability:

Juba 5 star training institute provide quality compliant education and training to assist Participants to gain suitable Employment using the skills gained at 5 Star Training Institute.

We serve for business future Employment purpose. Profitability through loyalty and efficiently trained personnel and employee group, business owner is our mission to prove. 


Inspiring learning, broadening perspectives, pursuing excellence, Transforming South Sudan.