Established in 2020, Juba Construction is an innovative luxury real estate agency that uses one-of-a-kind concept in marketing, sales and development of luxury properties.

Company Profile & Capability Statement

Juba Construction services is a full-service, South Sudanese’s owned infrastructure project delivery, commercial building and fitout company.

Services we provide

We work in a team with the best urban planning and town planning firms in order to deliver the most desirable outcomes for our clients.

Concept & consultation

In this early stage of project lifecycle clients engage us to provide budgets, schedules, constructability consultation and business feasibility studies. We work with town planning consultants and property consultants in order to compile accurate information about the investment before our clients commit to construction. 

Requirements & compliance, zoning

On your behalf, we work with relevant in the Future we will work with governing bodies to determine legislative requirements of the building, site and overall area against urban planning zones and planning schemes. We work with city planning departments to establish pathways of the planning permit. We utilise available resources, extensive knowledge and experience in order to bring the application to the stage of approval or development approval.

Full service commercial construction & contracting Base building works & general contracting

As a commercial builder we construct lasting facilities in a clean, timely, and cost-effective manner. We believe in long term relationships built on trust earned in the field.

The core of our work and company heritage is that of a general contractor responsible for the full fixed price commercial delivery of thousands of projects over the years. We maintain that this general contracting heritage ensures our systems and people are best prepared to serve us and our clients when we transition to other forms of service delivery including construction management, project management, design & construct.

Our capabilities and track record in construction include:

Pre-construction Consultations

Interviews with stakeholders, clinicians, patients and staff. Research methodology outlining workflow bottlenecks and the easiest and most effective way to enhance the centre’s productivity, safety and reputation.

Site Preparation & Assessment

Each location is unique, but our experience as healthcare consultants, construction engineers and hands on builders comes in as an asset

Building Construction

Working for our clients as a base builder, main contractor or subcontractor and over the years our key staff have participated in countless comprehensive and complex building projects.

Baseline Infrastructure Installation

This includes HVAC and specialty mechanical services, hydraulic (plumbing, sewer etc), electrical and data infrastructure as well as monitoring.

Infrastructure for Medical Equipment

This specialty building service ensures that medical equipment is delivered and installed safely. We also plan and deliver building space and pathways that allow efficient operation as well as future re-installations and ongoing maintenance. This form of healthcare-specific building and infrastructure expertise is one of our strongest advantages.

HVAC + Specialist Mechanical Installation

Our experience in mechanical installation spans across community-based centres, mid to larger sized hospitals, industrial warehouses and specialty medical centres (labs, radiology centres, day-procedure centres)

Civil Services, Road Access

As part of a turnkey (design & construct delivery) project our in-house civial arm handles all required civil works